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This is a list of people who are researching their Friend ancestors. To get your name, and ancestry listed send an email to David Sylvester or write to me at 28 North Searsport Road, Searsport, Maine 04974 and include your full name, your email address or other contact info, where you're from, your Friend ancestry, links to other web sites, and additional information you'd like to include about your Friend family. Those who would like to share family data and sources may then contact you.

You may also submit narratives in Text, RTF, Word and PDF formats which I'll upload to the site to be downloaded by visitors. Also small gedcoms will be accepted.

The purpose of this site is to maintain as much data on Friend families as possible or to link to the location where it exists. Participation in this project is free. All who are interested may submit data or use the data they find here at no cost. There are never any dues or fees required and there is nothing to join. There are no advertisements and there is nothing to purchase.

As far as I know most Friend descendants in the United States trace their ancestry back to John1 Friend or Nils Larsson1 Friend who were early immigrants. You might descend from one of them or from another line of Friends in any country or you may not have found the progenitor of your line yet. All partial or complete Friend lines from any place are welcome here.

The following two generation descendancy chart of John1 Friend comes from "The History & Genealogy of John Friend of Salem, Massachusetts and his Descendants" by Peter Pindar Stearns.

John1 Friend born about 1605 in England; died about 1656 in Salem Massachusetts. His wife is unknown. She died between 1639 and 1655.

Children of John Friend and unknown wife:

i Samuel2 born about 1631 in England; died around 1694.
ii James2 born 1633 in England; married Mary Moulton; died 1718.
iii Bethiah2 born about 1635 probably in England; married John Poland; died before 1680.
iv Elizabeth2 born about 1637 probably in Salem; married James Pecker; died before 1669.
v Hester2 born about 1639; died before 1694.

The following two generation descendancy chart of Nils Larsson1 Friend comes from Descendants of Nils Larsson Friend.

Nils Larsson1 Friend born about 1620 possibly in Goteborg, Sweden; died December 1686 in Upland, Delaware County, Pennsylvania; married Anna Andersdotter. She was born 1638 in Sweden and died 1723 in Upland, Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Children of Nils Larsson Friend and Anna Andersdotter:

i Brigitta (Brita)2 born 1657 and died 1720; married John Cock.
ii Anders (Andrew)2 born 1659 and died about 1748; married Isabell Stidham.
iii Carin (Cartherine)2 born 1661 and died 1721; married Olof (William) Dalbo.
iv Anna Maria (Mary)2 born 1663 and died 1721; married Gabriel Cock.
v Johannes (John)2 born 1666 and died 1737; married Anna Coleman.
vi Susannah2 born 1670 and died after 1735; married Enoch Enochson.
vii Sarah (Nilsdotter)2 born 1672 and died 1742; married Amos Nicholas.
viii Gabriel (Nilsson)2 born 1674 and died after 1752; married Maria Van Culin.
ix Lars (Lawrence) (Nilsson)2 born 1676 and died about 1754; married Sarah Jaquet.
x Barbara2 born 1678 and died after 1739; married Peter Longacre.

Descendants of James2 (John1) Friend and Mary Moulton

David Sylvester is from Searsport, Maine, USA and descends from two lines from James2 as follows, beginning with his grandparents.

First line:

Vivian10 Daniel Sylvester (1893-1968) [married Evangeline Estelle Washburn (1895-1981)]
Dummer9 Michael Sylvester (1865-1958) [married Evelyn Lissie Cochran (1868-missing 1917)]
Eliza8 Wolf Friend (1838-1908) [married Daniel Sylvester (1811-1867)]
Amos7 Friend (1800-1864) [married Sally DeWolf Fuller (1808-1894)]
Phineas6 Friend (1770-1849) [married Hannah Carter 1771-)]
Benjamin5 Friend (1744-1807) [married Martha Dodge (1753-1829)]
John4 Friend (1718-after 1785) [married Martha Conant (1716-1807)]
John3 Friend (1663-1718) [married Sarah Dodge (1685-1763)]
James2 Friend (About 1633-1718) [married Mary Moulton (About 1644-1703)]
John1 Friend (About 1605-About 1656) [married unknown]

Second line:

Vivian10 Daniel Sylvester (1893-1968) [married Evangeline Estelle Washburn (1895-1981)]
Evelyn9 Lissie Cochran (1868-missing 1917) [married Dummer Michael Sylvester (1865-1958)]
Phebe8 Elizabeth Glidden (1840-1927) [married Randall Nelson Cochran (1836-1905)]
Rosanna7 Dunham (1818-1878) [married William Stinson Glidden (1814-1883)]
Bethiah6 Friend (1783-1843) [married George Dunham -1876)]
Benjamin5 Friend (1744-1807) [married Martha Dodge (1753-1829)]
John4 Friend (1718-after 1785) [married Martha Conant (1716-1807)]
John3 Friend (1663-1718) [married Sarah Dodge (1685-1763)]
James2 Friend (About 1633-1718) [married Mary Moulton (About 1644-1703)]
John1 Friend (About 1605-About 1656) [married unknown]

Further information on this line can be seen at Vivian Daniel Sylvester Ancestry

David would like to connect with cousins who also descend from these ancestors.

Descendants of Bethiah2 (John1) Friend and John Poland

None yet.

Descendants of Elizabeth2 (John1) Friend and James Pecker

None yet.

Descendants of Brigitta (Brita)2 (Nils1) Friend and John Cock

None yet.

Descendants of Anders (Andrew)2 (Nils1) Friend and Isabell Stidham

None yet.

Descendants of Carin (Cartherine)2 (Nils1) Friend and Olof (William) Dalbo

None yet.

Descendants of Anna Maria (Mary)2 (Nils1) Friend and Gabriel Cock

None yet.

Descendants of Johannes (John)2 (Nils1) Friend and Anna Coleman

None yet.

Descendants of Susannah2 (Nils1) Friend and Enoch Enochson

None yet.

Descendants of Sarah (Nilsdotter)2 (Nils1) Friend and Amos Nicholas

None yet.

Descendants of Gabriel (Nilsson)2 (Nils1) Friend and Maria Van Culin

None yet.

Descendants of Lars (Lawrence) (Nilsson)2 (Nils1) Friend and Sarah Jaquet

None yet.

Descendants of Barbara2 (Nils1) Friend and Peter Longacre

None yet.

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