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These mailing lists are for the discussion and sharing of information regarding the list surname at any time and any place or other topic as well as ancestors who married into those family lines.

Suggested areas of discussion in these lists include family data, migration patterns, immigration, ship passenger lists, heraldry, historical sketches, family settlements, census data, wills, inventory lists, family Bibles, gravestone inscriptions, DNA studies, vital records, web sites and other online resources, family reunion plans and announcements, genealogical libraries and archives, etc. as relates to the surname, place or subject of the list and collateral families.


Miscellaneous List Homepage:


Regional List Homepages:

Cape Cod Cousins First Fleet First Ships Lincoln County, Maine Maine Islands Families Maine New England Roots Massachusetts New England Roots Nantucket Families New England Islands New England New Hampshire New England Roots Penobscot Town, Maine Sagadahoc County, Maine Waldo County, Maine York County, Maine York County, New Brunswick

Surname List Homepages:

Alden Badcock Bailey Barden Bartlett Batchelder Beal Beamsley Beckett Blackington Bonfield Bonney Boynton Brereton Brower Brown Bryery Bunce Bunce Carter Coffin Conant Cookson Cottle Daggett Dinsmore Dodge Dolloff Doty Dunham Dutton Dyer Eastman Faunce Fickett Finney Foster Friend Fuller Gallion Gamage Giles Gilman Glidden Gordon Greenaway Hall Hanson Harmon Haskell Hazeltine Hough Jones Lane Leach Litchfield Luce Macy Mallett Matchett Maxim Mayo Merry Moulton Mudgett Myles Standish Nelson Norris Nutter Pabodie Pattee Peabody Pendleton Perkins Pomeroy Prence Pullen Raven Rooney Rosebush Sears Severance Shed Shippee Smith Socea Speed Surplus Sylvester Tilton Tuckers New England Vose Washburn Wellman Williams Witham Wood Wooden

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