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antivirus online hype alerts!
Chain letters
Chain Letters and Links
Chain Letters R Us
CIAC Internet Chain Letters
CIAC Security Web Site
CMAVE Computer Virus Information
Computer Virus Myths home page
Consumer Affairs
Cynical Innocent, 3196
Don't Be April-Fooled by E-mail Virus Hoaxes (30 March 1998)
Hoax alerts from Data Fellows
Matthew's Chain Mail and Humor Archives [HA!
Michigan Libraries Make a Wish Foundation
Sophos' descriptions of virus hoaxes, scares and misunderstandings
Stiller Research Virus Hoax News
The AFU & Urban Legends Archive
The Curse of a Thousand Chain Letters
Virus HOAX
Yahoo! - Society and CultureMythology and FolkloreUrban Legends

Budweiser frogs

31st Fighter Wing Information Protection Home Page
ACT/Sophos 'Bud Frogs Screen Saver' email hoax/trojan horse information
antivirus online: Bud Frogs & Buddy Lists
Bud Frogs: Screen Saver or Virus? - Urban Legends and Folklore - 07/15/98
Buddylst, "Win a Holiday", Screen Saver, and "Unable to Deliver" Hoaxes
Computer Virus Hoaxes - Urban Legends and Folklore Net Links
Data Fellows Anti-Virus HOAX warnings page
Email Viruses
Hoax Descriptions - Antivirus
i t t a l k s c o v e r p a g e
Index of /~sslnz/hoaxes
SARC Virus Database - BUDDYLST.ZIP
SARC Virus Database - BUDSAVER.EXE
Security Solutions: Virus Clinic: BUDDYLST.ZIP Email Hoax
The E-mail Hoax's, Why They Suck.
TOURBUS on Viruses
Trend Micro Anti-Virus Software, Virus Information, Virus Hoaxes, Budsaver.exe
Virus Hoax Information
Virus Hoaxes
Virus Hoaxes
Virus of the Week
ViruSafe - Virus Center

Dead baby cocaine

Drugs/dead baby cocaine smuggling
Cocaine Smuggled in Baby's Corpse! - Urban Legends and Folklore - 09/21/98
Another Urban Legend: The Body-Snatchers

Kidney hoax

911 Help, My Kidneys are Missing!
All About the Internet, Part 14 - Urban Legend
Cyberlife Live
June Newsletter
Kidney Theft 2
Net Hoaxes
NKFG--What's New--Kidney Theft Urban Legend
The Kidney Snatchers - Urban Legends and Folklore - 062997
UNOS Position Statement
UNOS Position Statement
WashingtonPostcom The Navigator -- Casting a Skeptical Eye

Nieman Marcus Cookies

Another Popular Hoax - The Neiman-Marcus Cookie
BL Net The Neiman-Marcus Cookie Story
Don't be a Sucker
Mythology Directory , Mythology, Literature, Directory, Guide, Yellow Pages, Index, Search Engine Links and other Literature Guides
Neiman Marcus Cookie Recipe!
Old Stories Never Die
Re Neiman-Marcus Cookie Recipe
The Neiman-Marcus Cookie (Urban Legend)
The Neiman-Marcus Cookie (Urban Legend)
The Neiman-Marcus cookie recipe
The Neiman-Marcus Cookie Story
The Neiman-Marcus Cookie Story
Yahoo! Society and CultureMythology and FolkloreUrban LegendsNeiman Marcus Cookies

Win a holiday

antivirus online WIN A HOLIDAY Hoax
International Computer Security Association
Security Solutions Virus Clinic Win a Holiday Email Hoax
Sophos' Win a Holiday hoax email virus description
SR NewsWin A Holiday Virus Hoax Warning)
VIRUS Warning
Win A Holiday
Win A Holiday


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