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Note that this site was formerly called The Washburn Research Project.

This is a list of people who are researching their Washburn ancestors. To get your name, and ancestry listed send an email to David Sylvester or write to me at 28 North Searsport Road, Searsport, Maine 04974 and include your full name, your email address or other contact info, where you're from, your Washburn ancestry, links to other web sites, and additional information you'd like to include about your Washburn family. Those who would like to share family data and sources may then contact you.

I'm now accepting narratives in Text, RTF, Word and PDF formats which I'll upload to the site to be downloaded by visitors. Also small gedcoms will be accepted.

The purpose of this site is to maintain as much data on Washburn families as possible or to link to the location where it exists. Participation in this project is free. All who are interested may submit data or use the data they find here at no cost. There are never any dues or fees required and there is nothing to join. There are no advertisements and there is nothing to purchase.

As far as I know most Washburn descendants in the United States trace their ancestry back to either John1 Washburn the immigrant through one of his sons John2 or Philip2, or from William1 Washburn the immigrant who may or may not be related to John1. You might descend from one of them or from another line of Washburns in any country or you may not have found the progenitor of your line yet. All partial or complete Washburn lines from any place are welcome here.

The following three generation descendancy chart of John1 Washburn comes from John Washburn Family ; Ephraim Washburn (ca1695-) and Mary Polden (1706-) ; John Washburn VI (1620-1686) ; WASHBURN of Bridgewater, Mass., and Jefferson Co., New York ; GENEALOGY: WASHBURN ; and personal records.

John1 Washburn baptized 2 July, 1597 Bengeworth, Worcestershire, England; died 1671 Plymouth Colony; married 23 November, 1618 Bengeworth, Worcestershire, England Margery Moore; born about 1586.


John2 baptized 26 November, 1620; married Elizabeth Mitchell.
ii Philip2 baptized 2 June, 1622 Bengeworth, Worcestershire, England; buried 7 June, 1622 Bengeworth, Worcestershire, England.
iii Philip2 born about 1624; married Elizabeth Irish.

John2 Washburn baptized 26 November, 1620 Bengeworth, Worcestershire, England; died 12 November, 1686 Bridgewater; married 6 December, 1645 Plymouth Elizabeth Mitchell; born 1628 Plymouth; died before 5 December, 1684 probably Bridgewater; daughter of Experience Mitchell and Jane Cooke and granddaughter of Francis Cooke of the Mayflower.


i John3 born about 1646; married Rebecca Lapham.
ii Thomas3; married Deliverance Packard.
iii Samuel3 born about 1652; married Deborah Packard.
iv Joseph3 born 7 July, 1653; married Hannah Latham.
v Jonathan3; married Mary Vaughan.
vi Benjamin3; died between 28 July, 1690 and 12 December, 1690.
vii Mary3 born about 1661; married Samuel Kinsley.
viii Elizabeth3; married James Howard; married Edward Sealey.
ix Jane3 born before 1672; married William Orcutt.
x James3 born 15 May, 1672; married Mary Bowden.
xi Sarah3 born about 1675; married John Ames.

Philip2 Washburn born about 1624 probably England; died after 1700; married Elizabeth Irish born about 1644; died before 1700; daughter of John Irish and Elizabeth _____.


i John3 born about 1672; married Lydia Billington.
ii Margery3; married Josiah Leonard.
iii Mary3; married 1706 Daniel Pratt.
iv Elizabeth3; married before 1702 Joseph Amory.

The following two generation descendancy chart of William1 Washburn comes from William Washburn Descendants and other sources.

William1 Washburn was born about 9 November, 1601 in Bengeworth, Borough of Evesham, Worcester County, England, and died 30 October, 1658 in Hempstead, Long Island, New York. He married Jane _____. She was born before 1655.


Sarah2 born 1626 and died about 1693; married Robert Williams.
ii John2 born 1627 and died 1658; married Mary Butler.
iii Mary2 born 1629 and died 1713; married Richard Willets.
iv Hope2 born 1636 and died 1696; married Mary Styles.
v Martha2 born 1637 and died 1727; married Edmond Titus.
vi Agnes2 died before 1657; married Robert Jackson.
vii Phebe2 died 1665; married John Ashman.
viii Patience2
ix Hester2

Descendants of John3 (John2 John1) Washburn and Rebecca Lapham

Barbara Lenker descends from John3 as follows.

Thankful5 Washburn [married John Kingsley]
Note: Barbara notes that George Bush traces his Washburn line through Silence Kingsley who is a sister to John Kingsley
William4 Washburn [married Experience Mann]
John3 Washburn (1646-) [married Rebecca Lapham]
John2 Washburn (1620-1684) [married Elizabeth Mitchell]
John1 Washbourne [married Moore]

Barbara has information on the Washburne family going back to the year 1200. Her narratives will be add here soon.

Descendants of Thomas3 (John2 John1) Washburn and Deliverance Packard

None yet.

Descendants of Samuel3 (John2 John1) Washburn and Deborah Packard

None yet.

Descendants of Joseph3 (John2 John1) Washburn and Hannah Latham

David Sylvester is from Searsport, Maine, USA and descends from two lines from Joseph3 as follows, beginning with his grandparents.

First line:

Evangeline10 Estelle Washburn (1895-1981) [married Vivian Daniel Sylvester (1893-1968)]
Edward9 Jones Washburn (1861-1914) [married Alice Eldora Williams]
Alden8 F Washburn (1820-1888) [married Judith L Jones (1823-1887)]
Hosea7 Washburn (1796-1883) [married Hannah Maxim (1801-1863)]
Hosea6 Washburn (1765-1817) [married Hannah Doten(Doty) (1767-1864)]
Note: This link between Hosea and Stephen is not yet proven but is commonly accepted at this time.
Stephen5 Washburn (1763-) [married Hannah Norris (1737-)]
Ephraim4 Washburn (-1755) [married Mary Polen/Pollard (1706-1784)]
Joseph3 Washburn (1653-1733) [married Hannah Latham ( -1725)]
John2 Washburn (1620-1684) [married Elizabeth Mitchell]
John1 Washbourne [married Margery Moore]

Second line:

Evangeline10 Estelle Washburn (1895-1981) [married Vivian Daniel Sylvester (1893-1968)]
Edward9 Jones Washburn (1861-1914) [married Alice Eldora Williams]
Judith8 L Jones (1823-1887) [married Alden F Washburn (1820-1888)]
Fannie7 Lane (1801-1829) [married Edward Jones (1797-1884)]
Jemima6 Norris (1770-) [married Giddings Lane (1770-1836)]
Lydia5 Washburn (1728-) [married Samuel Norris (1728-1795)]
Ephraim4 Washburn (-1755) [married Mary Polen/Pollard (1706-1784)]
Joseph3 Washburn (1653-1733) [married Hannah Latham (-1725)]
John2 Washburn (1620-1684) [married Elizabeth Mitchell]
John1 Washbourne [married Margery Moore]

Further information on this line can be seen at Evangeline Estelle Washburn Ancestry

David would like to connect with cousins who also descend from these ancestors.

Descendants of Jonathan3 (John2 John1) Washburn and Mary Vaughan

None yet.

Descendants of Mary3 (John2 John1) Washburn and Samuel Kinsley

None yet.

Descendants of Elizabeth3 (John2 John1) Washburn and James Howard

None yet.

Descendants of Jane3 (John2 John1) Washburn and William Orcutt

None yet.

Descendants of James3 (John2 John1) Washburn and Mary Bowden

Hoy Harrison Washburn of Mesa, AZ and Shelton, WA has the following Washburn line.

Hoy11 Washburn
Leo H.10 Washburn
Harvey9 Washburn / Mary Lawrence
Ezra8 Washburn / Mary Stahl
Isaac T.7 Washburn / Mariah Barton
Stephen6 Washburn / Janette Terry
Bezaleel5 Washburn / Hannah Griffith
Moses4 Washburn / Hannah Cushman
James3 Washburn / Mary Bowden
John 2) Washburn / Elizabeth Mitchell (Francis Cooke G-daughter)
John 1 Washburn / Margery Moore (Immigrants)

Says Hoy:

Note: I am a member of the Descendants of the Mayflower Society through to Francis Cooke. Also my line descends from 3 other descendants of the Mayflower, Isaac and/or Mary (dau.) Allerton, John Howland, & Edward Tilley. Sources, dates, etc. are provided on the Hoy Washburn Ancestry.com web site (Family Tree of Hoy Washburn).

Descendants of Sarah3 (John2 John1) Washburn and John Ames

None yet.

Descendants of John3 (Philip2 John1) Washburn and Lydia Billington

None yet.

Descendants of Margery3 (Philip2 John1) Washburn and Josiah Leonard

None yet.

Descendants of Mary3 (Philip2 John1) Washburn and Josiah Leonard

None yet.

Descendants of Elizabeth3 (Philip2 John1) Washburn and Josiah Leonard

None yet.

Descendants of Sarah2 (William1) Washburn and Robert Williams

None yet.

Descendants of John2 (William1) Washburn and Mary Butler

Chris Briggs of Brentwood, Ca has the following Washburn line beginning with his grandfather.

Max Briggs
_____ Briggs
TAMER WASHBURN7, b. July 04, 1805, New Castle, Westchester, New York; d. September 04, 1886, Married Joseph Briggs.
JESSE6 WASHBURN was born November 01, 1765 in Mt. Pleasant, Westchester, New York, and died July 26, 1809 in New Castle, Westchester, New York. He married SUSANNAH TOMPKINS Abt. 1788.
RICHARD5 WASHBURN was born June 27, 1720 in North Castle, Westchester, New York, and died Aft. March 14, 1775. He married AMY BIRDSALL, daughter of DANIEL BIRDSALL and JOHANNA HAWXHURST.
JOHN4 WASHBURN was born 1683 in Southold, Suffolk, Long Island, New York. He married HANNAH HALLETT October 14, 1704, daughter of SAMUEL HALLETT.
JOHN3 WASHBURN, b. November 20, 1657, Hempstead, Queens, Long Island, New York; d. February 1686/87.
JOHN2 WASHBURN was born Abt. 1622 in Bengeworth, Worcester, England, and died August 30, 1658 in Hempstead, Queens, Long Island, New York. He married MARY BUTLER June 09, 1655, daughter of RICHARD BUTLER.
WILLIAM1 WASHBURN died October 30, 1658 in Hempstead, Queens, Long Island, New York. He married JOAN NICHOLS.

Chris would like to compare the accuracy of the dates.

Descendants of Mary2 (William1) Washburn and Richard Willets

None yet.

Descendants of Hope2 (William1) Washburn and Mary Styles

Robert Washbon of Chittenango, New York has the following Washburn line.

Robert11 Washbon 1951- Chittenango, NY
Shirley10 Washbon 1916-1974 Lockport NY
Leon9 Washbon 1883-1959 Caneadea, NY
Edwin8 Washbon 1846- 1921 Caneadea NY
Abel7 Washbon 1817-1892 Filmore and Caneadea NY
Samuel6 Washbon 1775-1845 Portage, NY
Abel5 Washbon 1753-1799 Canaan, NY
Edward4 Washbon 1708-1789 Canaan, NY
William3 Washbon 1668-1741 Derby, Conn. married Hanna Wooster
Hope2 Washburn 1636-1696 Stratford Conn.
William1 1601-1659

Robert has sources that he will share with those interested.

Descendants of Agnes2 (William1) Washburn and Robert Jackson

None yet.

Descendants of Phebe2 (William1) Washburn and John Ashman

None yet.

Descendants of Other Washburn lines

None yet.

Unconnected Washburn lines

Bobbie Mieczkowski has the following Washburn line.

Louis Washburn Birdnow born in Clinton County, IL in 1870
Louis Theophile Birdnow [married Virginia Evelyn Washburn in 1863
Virginia Evelyn Washburn was born in Bond County, IL in 1844

From Bobbie's email:

What I have on her says she was born in Bond County, IL in 1844.

Censuses say her father was born in Maine and her mother in Pennsylvania.

Her death certificate from 1926 says her father's first name was Elijah.

She had 11 children that I can count.

I have not found her in the 1860 or 1870 census yet. I can find her 1880 and beyond, until her death.

She shows up in the 1850 census living with a woman named Emmy May Maffitt and her son Thomas, who was 8 at the time. The family lore via my cousin was that her father and older brothers were fur traders.

I can only assume that by 1850 her mother was dead, or possibly her whole family, or else her father and older brothers were out west fur trading and pawned the little girl off on a neighbor. Or is Emmy an aunt or other relative? I cannot find Emmy in 1860 or 1870.

There are other Washburns around that part of Illinois, but they all seem to be southern Washburns. I have at least two censuses which say she believed her father was born in Maine. Her mother's birthplace differs in the censuses, but I think some people thought Emmy was her mother. Emmy came from Kentucky.

If her father was traveling around fur trading, he likely was missed in censuses. And where she was born and raised, there was no required record-keeping until much later. I cannot obtain even my grandfather's birth certificate.

Anyway, if you find a Maine line with an Eli or Elijah who disappeared out west fur trading, he might be mine.

Tina Washburn Russell of Keithville, La. has the following Washburn line, beginning with her grandparents.

Arnold Chesney Washburn born March 3, 1911 died May 1976 [married Daisy Lee Frisby]
Cleveland Washburn born March 3, 1892 died Dec. 19, 1918 [married Ollie born Feb. 5, 1894 died Nov 19, 1918]
They died of the flu epidmeic in the early 1900's and are buried at Moore Chapel.

Tina would like to trace her Washburn line back past her great grandparents.

Chris Roy has the following Washburn line.

Christopher Denis Roy (b. 12/3/1964 in Barre, VT)
Helen Christine Christiansen (b. 6/11/1937 in Newport, VT)
Olive Isabel Bennett (b. 4/10/1912 in Holland, VT)
Charles Henry Bennett (b. 6/18/1865 in Holland, VT)
Lydia Ann Washburn (b. 7/18/1831 in Wilcox, ME)
Samuel Orcutt Washburn (b. 5/5/1798 in Sutton, VT)
Jeremiah Washburn (b. abt. 1771)
See Chris' note below
Nehemiah Washburn married Ruth Egerton
Noah Washburn married Mary Staples

Note from Chris' email:

Jeremiah Washburn and Hannah Orcutt were the first couple ever married in Lyndon, Vermont. They were married on 6/26/1794. They actually lived in the adjoining town of Sutton (f/k/a Billymead), Vermont. Jeremiah was the first town constable of Sutton, and Hannah's father, Samuel Orcutt, was the first town moderator. It appears that Jeremiah and Hannah were both born in Sandwich, New Hampshire. The best date I have for Jeremiah is some time around 1771. I have not been able to nail down who Jeremiah's parents were. The best guess I have is that his father may have been Nehemiah Washburn, who was born in Bridgewater, Massachusetts on Jan. 1, 1743, and married Ruth Egerton on March 29, 1770 in Bridgewater. Nehemiah's parents were Noah Washburn and Mary Staples.

Kevin Vap has the following Washburn line.

Daniel Washburn born 27-Aug-1819 in Genesee Co, NY ...married Celina D. Pierson (born 8-Mar-1820 in Genesee Co, NY) on 15-Feb-1840 in Humphrey, Cattaraugus Co, NY.

Daniel & Celina's children:
Adelia A., born 1840 in Cuba, Albany Co, NY, married Ezra Dexter Carlton
Sarah A., born 1843 in Humphrey, Cattaraugus Co, NY, married Hank Mann
Amelia R., born 1845 in Dekalb Co, IL, married William Otis Bliss
Loring Byron, born 1848 in Dekalb Co, IL, married Albina H. Hamilton

Kevin is a descendant of oldest dau Adelia A. Washburn that married Ezra D. Carlton and he would like to extend his line back from Daniel Washburn

Carolyn Haynes of Pawtucket, RI has the following Washburn line beginning with her grandmother.

Caroline aka Cora Washburn (1898-1974) born in Plattsburgh Ny and married George Troufield
Lester Washburn (1866-?) born in Canada or NY and Marie Rosanna "Rose" Meunier (?-1944) born in Canada

Caroline would like to find the parents of Lester Washburn who was likely born in Canada.

Laurie A. Monical of Keokuk, IA has the following Washburn line beginning with her grandfather.

Everett Leon Washburn b. 7/8/1908 d. 6/12/1991 married Ruth Mae Walker
Hiram Albertus Wasburn born 12/26/1883 died 11/18/1949 married Myrtle A. Robbins born in Elkhorn Nebraska 4/29/1883. d. 3/11/1956
Hiram Albertus Washburn born in 1851 in New York. Married Mary Bash
Hiram Albertus Washburn b. 1820 New York d. 1870 Aetna, Scotland co. Missouri Married Margaret Hogeland (Spelling differs) in December 1841 in Allegany Co. New York. She was born in 1823 in New York.
Missing generation ________________
Seth Wasburn b. abt 1773 m. Mary Stickles b. August 14, 1796

Laurie would like to find the parents of Seth Washburn and also to fill in the missing generation.

Robert Washburn of Azle Tx has the following Washburn line.

Robert W. Washburn (1959-Living) married Karen Jayne Hohlfelder (1960-Living)
Roland Lee Washburn (1919-1987) married Georgia Lynn Kinney (1923-2001)
Shelah Washburn (1885-1929) married Rosanah Elizabeth Robinson (1891-1971)
William Lewis Washburn (1850-1933) married Roxie Elizabeth Hathaway (1861-1913)
William W. Washburn (1823-1855) married Sarah Jane Phillips (1827-1898)
Lewis Washburn (1796-1872) married Nancy Moore (1795-1874) both lived and died in Brushcreek Tn.

Robert would greatly appreciate any help anyone can give.

Elinda E. Card of Almont Co has the following Washburn line beginning with her grandmother.

Melinda Washburn, b 1868, d 1930 Van Buren Co MI
James Washburn, b 1838 NY, d aft 1880, m Melinda Dehave Van Buren Co, MI
William Washburn, b 1803, VT, m Electa (or Adelina Electa) Morgan b 1810 NY, he d 1858 Van Buren Co MI.

Elinda really would like any info or suggestions!

Mailto: David Sylvester

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